Our Story

We are Aurum Crafts, a startup with love at our heart for what we do. Today’s world is obsessed with automated, lightning fast, commercial mass production whereas we choose to stand on the other side of the spectrum. Aurum Crafts was born out of desire to create homeware products that are meticulously handcrafted having roots in conventional design blended with modern aesthetics. We use natural earth materials which are sustainable and are responsibly sourced. We believe Simplicity is best luxury. Our products are designed to blend the ergonomics, functionality, and beauty in a seamless way that echoes our brand’s essence.

Our Background

We are a family-owned group of business with our foots in Hospitality, HVAC, Metal & Footwear Industry. With years of business experience and solid foundation we have created value for our clients keeping in mind our vision to be an environmentally conscious group of company.

Founder's Message

With more than 10+ years of experince in various industries, Aurum Crafts was born out of a shared interest and love for Handmade products which are beautiful and functional at the same time. Our products are made by local artisans who are not only experts in their skills but works with passion with us to produce some of the finest quality handcrafted products. At Aurum we are not just making products, we are making experiences which our esteemed buyers could cherish!

Punit & Chandni